Quick Thoughts on the 2012 Candidates

These comments are taken directly out of my Twitter timeline – follow me if you like what you read:

Can we all stop pretending any of the current GOP contenders are 100% across the board conservatives? None of them are.

Santorum’s such a mixed bag. He voted against McCain-Feingold, but for Sarbanes-Oxley. Great record on tort reform, awful record on earmarks. Taking the good with the bad, Santorum ends up above average on the whole. But he was a a go-along to get-along GOPer under Bush. With a Pres Santorum, what will we get? The fiscal warrior he started out as or go-along to get-along type? Or will it depends on the year?

Newt’s not close to perfect either. Newt says whatever comes to mind – which creates a huge record combining bouts of brilliance & failure. Newt also has made a LOT of enemies both within & outside the GOP. Some of them I like – like Coburn. Others I don’t, like Pelosi. Newt also has personal baggage up the wazoo that many can not look past, as many could not for Giuliani in 2008.

And what of Romney? Romney pushed for lower taxes in MA, but raised a bunch of fees. He opposed the Bush tax cuts early on, too. Romney pushed through some serious cuts in spending in MA, but also supported TARP & defended it publicly. Romney has a great record on school choice, but proposed some terrible policies on environmental issues while Governor. Masscare makes it more difficult for Romney to genuinely attack Obama on Obamacare. Not impossible, just harder without looking inconsistent.

To me, Newt, Santorum, & Romney are equally flawed on the issues. Different flaws, but they average out. All that said – I would gladly vote for Newt, Mitt, or Rick over Obama any day of the week – without even having to think about it.