Interesting Debate Non-Answers

In a recent candidate forum, independent US Senate candidate Rob Sobhani claimed not to have an opinion on Question 4 and Question 6. He’s been a little clearer on these issues before.

In a piece Sobhani wrote for the Huffington Post on October 10, 2011, he wrote on the DREAM Act:

It is in this context of a new narrative on the soft power of exporting American values and need to create wealth south of our border that the Dream Act must be debated — and ultimately supported. Allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition to attend state public universities in states like California is a good idea provided we ask these students that once they complete their studies, they return to their home countries to serve and rebuild.

Emphasis mine. How about on same-sex marriage? Let’s check Sobhani’s pitch sheet to get signatures:

Rob believes that fixing our economy is jobs 1. He’s pro-choice and supports gay rights…

While he doesn’t outright say it, this wording implies support of same-sex marriage. So I have to ask, why is Sobhani unwilling to boldly state his positions now? Or was he pandering then to get signatures? Or is he just someone with continuously made up positions? Sadly, he’s unwilling to answer.