Candidate Interview: Dave Seman (R-MD)


Dave Seman (R) is a candidate for House of Delegates in the 7th Legislative District. The 7th is currently represented by 3 Republicans and is a fairly solid Republican district. He previously ran in 2010 in District 35A, he came in 5th in the Primary. Redistricting put him in the 7th district. I reached out to Seman to ask him some questions on the issues and he responded below:

Matthew Newman: Tell me a little about yourself.
Dave Seman: First and foremost, I am husband and a father of 2. I am small business owner. I own a home remodeling company (Unlimited Construction Services). I have been active in my community and in the Republican Party for years. I am chairman of the Jarrettsville/Norrisville Community Council, President of the Republican Club of Harford County, and an appointed member of the Harford County Planning advisory board. In addition to my civic and political service, I volunteer as a DNR Hunting Safety instructor.

MN: What makes you uniquely qualified to serve in the House of Delegates?
DS: As a small business owner and employer, I understand the challenges that face Maryland Businesses. I have seen first-hand the effects of one-party dominance in Annapolis. Also, as a resident of an agricultural community (Jarrettsville), I would bring a unique prospective on the issues that affect Maryland’s agricultural community.

MN: How would you rate the three incumbent Delegates (Impallaria, McDonough, Szeliga)?
DS: I firmly believe it is up to the voters of the new 7th District to rate the incumbents. Considering this is a new district, many of my neighbors and many others in this district will not have experience working with or being represented by the incumbents. That being said, I believe that 3 terms, in the case of Del. Impallaria & Del. McDonough, is a long time to serve as a citizen-legislator and the new areas of the 7th district deserve representation. I will leave further judgments to the voters.

MN: What would be the first piece of legislation you would introduce, if elected, and why?
DS: I would introduce a repeal of PlanMaryland. This important issue has taken a backseat in light of pressing fiscal issues; however, it cannot be ignored. Zoning should be left to the local governments. Bureaucratic “one-size-fits-all” solutions rarely produce desirable results. Plan Maryland adversely affects farmers and members of the agricultural communities in Maryland, by reducing their ability to leverage their equity through the sale of property and development rights.

MN: What do you believe is the most important issue facing Maryland?
DS: High taxes and overreaching regulations have crippled Maryland’s Small Businesses. They are fleeing the state taking jobs and taxpayers with them. Maryland has lost of 31,000 taxpayers in the last three years. The additional taxes that government implemented since 2007 now remove an additional $3.1 billion from Maryland’s economy. We cannot sustain this. I believe Maryland needs an aggressive tax reform package to include reducing or eliminating taxes to make our state competitive with our neighbors.

MN: In a district currently represented by three Republicans, what made you decide to run for House of Delegates?
DS: Redistricting has created a vastly different District 7th than existed in 2010. The Agricultural/Rural areas of northern Harford and Baltimore Counties deserve a voice in Annapolis. Additionally, I believe my experience as a small business owner, community leader, and father have given me a unique perspective that is lacking in Annapolis. I believe that it is time that we send a new voice to Annapolis.

MN: What is your view on abortion?
DS: I am pro-life. I believe that life begins at conception. I would work to pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Additionally, I favor legislation that will ensure to protect our community from dangerous practices related to abortion, while it is legal.

MN: If you were setting the agenda for the 2014 session, what would you want to ensure was first on the docket?
DS: Repeal SB281. – As a DNR hunting safety instructor and NRA life member, I oppose any further restrictions on our second-amendment rights.
Repeal the Rain Tax.
Maryland Tax Reform – We need to make Maryland competitive with our neighboring states.

MN: What is your opinion of Governor O’Malley’s 2013 budget ?
DS: State spending in the 2013 budget is up to $37 billion from $29 billion in 2007. This is one of the highest increases across the country. This is unacceptable.

Additionally, the Governor has not begun to address Maryland’s Structural deficit. The Governor’s proposed FY2014 still contains a structural deficit. We cannot operate our home or business budgets in this manner. Why should we allow this practice in Annapolis? We must truly balance our budget. This starts with stopping the exodus of taxpayers from Maryland. We can do better.

MN: What is your opinion on bond bill legislation?
DS: I oppose bond bill legislation. Why should we send money to Annapolis just to turnaround and fight to bring it home? Spending should be controlled by the local governments as much as possible. Bond bill legislation has become a political tool for legislators, used to gain donations and votes. This practice is inefficient and corrupts our system.

MN: Who would you say is your political lodestar, the person whom you most emulate?
DS: I really admire State Senator Nancy Jacobs. She is a tireless fighter for her constituents. I have witnessed many examples of her passion for changing the lives of the people she represents. She served her district well. Maryland is a better place as a result of her service.

MN: What is one thing you want to ensure potential voters know about your campaign?
DS: Dr. Suess once said “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”. That being said, I am always available. I will answer any question. If you have any questions, please send me an email. My email address is

I thank Mr. Seman for his honest candor. I wish him well in his primary campaign and look forward to seeing how he does.

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  1. Dave sounds like a candidate I can get behind.

  2. Dave is a great candidate and pillar of the community. I don’t live in Dave’s district, but look forward to helping Dave win in his district!

  3. David sounds like he knows what our state needs. District 7 needs to get rid of Rick and Pat. They are a waste of space in Annapolis. Nothing but hot air from those two.

    We need more people like David and Kathy Szeliga in Annapolis.

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