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Candidate Interview: Bob Long (R-MD)

Bob Long (R-MD) is once again a candidate for State Delegate in Maryland’s 6th legislative district. In 2010, Long did the best of any of the Republicans running in this Democratic leaning district. I endorsed Long in 2010 and am supporting him again in 2014. Here’s a link to my 2010 interview with Long. I […]

Candidate Interview: Carl Magee (R-MD)

Carl Magee is one of the many Republicans running in the crowded District 6 primary for House of Delegates. Magee is a former small business owner who works with senior citizen groups relative to their Medicare needs. He is also a former Baltimore City Police Officer. I reached out to him and asked him some […]

Candidate Interview: Tony Campbell (R-MD)

Tony Campbell is one of the Republican candidates for Baltimore County Executive. He has been active in Republican politics for a while. In 2012, he was involved in the efforts to overturn overreaching legislation, specifically the effort to overturn the gerrymandered Congressional districts. In 2010, Campbell was the last man elected Chairman of the Baltimore […]

Candidate Interview: Dave Seman (R-MD)

Dave Seman (R) is a candidate for House of Delegates in the 7th Legislative District. The 7th is currently represented by 3 Republicans and is a fairly solid Republican district. He previously ran in 2010 in District 35A, he came in 5th in the Primary. Redistricting put him in the 7th district. I reached out […]

Candidate Interview: William Campbell (R-MD)

William Campbell (R-MD) is once again running for Comptroller of Maryland. He ran in 2010 (my interview here) and lost to incumbent Peter Franchot (D) by a closer than expected margin with minimal campaign funds. Campbell is the former Chief Financial Officer of Amtrak serving from 2007 to 2009. Prior to that, he served as […]

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