Merry Christmas: Faith Like the Shepherds

Here is my sermon from Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Gay Marriage Fail in Maryland

It was recently noted that in Maryland, due to the way Maryland tax law is written, next year gay couples can not file their taxes jointly unless federal or Maryland law is changed. Why? Here’s a little from the Washington Times: The state comptroller’s office says it plans to continue requiring same-sex couples to file […]

2% Interest Rate from Balto County Passed

I wrote before about how Baltimore County Council Chair Almond (D) proposed a $250,000 loan at a 2% interest rate (plus an additional $50,000 which will be forgiven after 10 years), for a property in Dundalk. Well, it passed and should easily be signed by the County Executive. It makes me ask, what is this […]

Retro Old Line Elephant: 2010 Interview with Mark Uncapher

UPDATE: Uncapher himself has dismissed the rumor, but still – an interesting interview nonetheless. Rumor has it, Montgomery County GOP Chair Mark Uncapher may try to unseat Mooney at the GOP convention this weekend. I interviewed him in 2010 when he considered a bid for MD GOP Treasurer. Below is a copy of that interview. […]

Bob Long Press Release: Homestead Tax Credit

2010 GOP Delegate candidate Bob Long released the following presser: Homeowners need to contact the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation to verify their eligibility for the Homestead Tax Credit. If you have not applied please go to the web site below or call the numbers that have been provided. If you fail to […]

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