JibJab’s 2014 Year in Review

As usual, JibJab is far more clever than I am. Here’s their 2014 year in review.

Festivus 2014

Happy Festivus Everyone. It’s the lovely made up holiday from Seinfeld we celebrate on Christmas Eve’s Eve. After the feats of strength which, I will say, will be easy for anyone trying to defeat me, we should discuss the Airing of the Grievances. Who disappointed you in 2014? Here’s my list: A-1 Pictures – A-1 […]

Midweek Links: 12/10/14 – JDF vs CM Punk, East Balto Co on Hogan Team, Christmas Discussions

Haven’t done a midweek links in a while, so let’s do this. Let’s talk turkey…or politics, anime, you know the drill. Anime Adult Swim’s “Toonami” Block Announces Return of “Deadman Wonderland” and “Cowboy Bebop” in HD – As someone who adores Cowboy Bebop, this is awesome. Also, check your local cable provider – episodes may […]

Thanksgiving 2014

Annually for Thanksgiving, I like to talk about the things I’m thankful for. It’s something we should be doing every single day, but we often forget. Annually, I list many of these things out. I am thankful for my job. I started it new late last year, but it has been a blessing providing for my […]

Vote Today

It is election day. If you are an American citizen vote today. It is your civic duty and a privilege people all over the world do not have – to select those who will govern us. Use that privilege, accept that duty. Vote. Maryland residents? Pay attention to the ballot initiatives. P.S. Vote Bob Long, Larry […]

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