Campaign Ad: Dedicated by Larry Hogan

Republican candidate for Governor Larry Hogan has his first TV campaign ad of the cycle entitled, “Dedicated.” I like it, gives a quick introduction to the candidate and talks about how we need to fix Maryland. That said, the narration seems tailor fit to running against O’Malley as opposed to running in an open seat. […]

Waste of the Week: A Recap

With the legislative session coming to a close, the legislature passed their omnibus pork bill once more for 2014. This bill affirms $1.179 billion in state debt, up from last year by $13 million. This bill was passed unanimously in the State Senate, meaning every single State Senator who was present voted in favor. This […]

Poll: Identical or Fraternal

By now, most of my readers know that as only 22% of you guessed – my wife & I are having twin girls. So, the obvious followup question is – are they going to be identical or not? Vote now! Tweet

Candidate Interview: Bob Long (R-MD)

Bob Long (R-MD) is once again a candidate for State Delegate in Maryland’s 6th legislative district. In 2010, Long did the best of any of the Republicans running in this Democratic leaning district. I endorsed Long in 2010 and am supporting him again in 2014. Here’s a link to my 2010 interview with Long. I […]

Banach (R) on NSA Spying

In December of last year, we see Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger (D) stating how he was supportive of the NSA’s spying program. Now? He totally opposes it and is calling for new laws to curb it. Three months really can change a man. I reached out to Maryland 2nd Congressional District candidate David Banach (R) and […]

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