Two for Tuesday: Red MD Debate, Shaq Fu Returns

First things first, Red Maryland called on the two candidates for Governor (Hogan, Brown) to let them host a debate. Bias would be right out on the table. Here’s some more from them. The editors of Red Maryland would like to publicly and formally invite Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and Larry Hogan to debate on […]

Harman over Campbell, Campbell Considers Recount

The ballots are all counted and it is George Harman over Tony Campbell by 18 votes in the GOP primary for Baltimore County Executive. Campbell was criticized by some for his attempt to get the endorsement from Progressive Maryland. In 2012, Campbell was active in the referendum efforts in MD and the Santorum campaign during the primary. MD […]

Campaign Advertisement: The Most Incompetent Man in Maryland

Fresh of his primary win, Hogan is hitting the airwaves with the above ad. It’s a clever attack ad. I don’t particularly care for attack ads, but a) they are effective and b) this one is cleverly done and hits to the point of Brown being O’Malley v2.0, which I think is Hogan’s best option.

Two for Tuesday: Washington is Magic, Watch Out Spain

I haven’t done Two for Tuesday in a while – so…we’re going random. Let’s begin. Cracked wrote a piece on history about George Washington. They write a lot of these things and they generally try to get their facts accurate. In this article, they lay out the case that George Washington was either magic or the […]

No Taxation with Precipitation

While I continue to see Craig & Hogan supporters sniping at each other, Ron George is doing silly things to get some name recognition. Such as this: I have always liked Ron George. He’s clever and a solid conservative. Stuff like this, to me, is endearing.

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