Old Line Elephant News Roundup: 3/12/13

Been a month since I did a roundup of news / links I found interesting. So, here we go again: If you haven’t seen it yet – I’m one of the contributors at Watchdog Wire – Maryland, my “Waste of the Week” pieces are being cross-posted there. Check them out and the other great contributors […]

National Sanctity of Human Life Day – Article Roundup

I decided to round up some pieces for National Sanctity of Human Life Day, AKA the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. Here are some excellent pieces in support of life: “Respect Life – By Reveling in the Beauty Of the Gift” – via Marie of Catholic Coffee Talk If you’re reading this, you’ve been […]

Old Line Elephant News Roundup: 1/7/13

Since I haven’t done this in a while and there are a few various articles I wanted to comment on simultaneously, I decided to prepare a news roundup around the internet. Let’s go through all the news I feel you should know about. At least for today. In Maryland news, legislators in Annapolis passed with […]

Very Brief Comment on the Rape-Abortion Exception

I do not believe pro-life Republicans needs to “evolve” on this issue. At all. Pro-life conservatives need to learn how to explain their views better and focus the debate on minimizing abortions. The answer on the “rape exception” question just seems so obvious to me. This is how I would answer: “You’re right in that […]

You’re Not Really “Pro-Choice”

I have heard the term “pro-choice” to refer to those who believe that abortion should be legal for years. It just got me thinking, just how truly “pro-choice” are these people. I have to ask them the following. First, do you support the right of parents to decide what school their children attend? Do you […]

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