Maryland 2012 Polling via Gonzales Research

Gonzales Research has polled Maryland for a number of things, Presidential, same-sex marriage, US Senate, etc. Here is the breakdown for each of these items: President Barack Obama (D) – 55% Mitt Romney (R) – 36% Someone Else – 1% Undecided – 8% US Senate Ben Cardin (D) – 50% Dan Bongino (R) – 22% Rob Sobhani (I) – 21% MD […]

Great Bongingo Interview at Daily Caller

Bongino had a great interview at the Daily Caller. As I said on Twitter, he’s getting some great free press for being awesome. Here’s the video: The rest is being posted Monday. I look forward to the whole interview.

Why I Love Dan Bongino

This video is a perfect example of why Dan Bongino can win in Maryland. This man knows how to explain conservative principles to anyone in a way that makes sense. Watch it and be inspired. HT to Anthropocon

Cardin Agrees to Debate Bongino

Incumbent US Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) has agreed to debate Dan Bongino (R-MD). This is a good thing and will provide Maryland voters with a stark contrast – continue on the same path of liberalism, waste, and entrenchment of incumbents or move forward with real change for Maryland and America; does Maryland want the same old […]

Old Line Elephant News Roundup: 7/2/12

Haven’t written a post in a while, so let’s go through the news: Did you miss the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting? Here are the resolutions they passed at the convention. An interesting one that got my Catholic friends’ attention? This one where the SBC says we should stand with Catholic Bishops against religious intolerance. […]

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