Music & Theology: Gangnam Style

Korean rapper PSY’s “Gangnam Style” was an internet phenom which no one could have predicted. The catchy tune and the ridiculous dancing in the music video, however, made it a meme waiting to happen. But, as you sit and listen to the song (which I have, far too many times), what does it mean? Since […]

Two for Tuesday: Rethinking Blog Headlines, Not Nice Jesus?

Two unrelated articles for Tuesday. Let’s do this. Matt Walsh wrote a thought provoking piece entitled, “Jesus Didn’t Care About Being Nice or Tolerant, and Neither Should You.” Here’s an excerpt: I don’t recognize this Jesus. This moderate. This pacifist. This nice guy. He’s not the Jesus I read about in the Bible. I read […]

Anime & Theology: Fractale

Based on all my entries on music and theology I decided to try something different. This time, on the theological ramifications of anime. Feel free to comment. Fractale is a 2011 science fiction anime series. Set in a future thousands of years from our own time where a satellite controlled virtual reality/computer system known as Fractale […]

Music & Theology: All of Me

Currently #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 is John Legend’s “All of Me.” It’s a love song like many other before it. This has a fun twist in that Legend reportedly used this song to propose to his wife. But, what are the theological implications of this song. Let’s discuss further. To follow along, here […]

Music & Theology: Bigger Fish to Fry

Every now and then I hear a song, thinking to myself, “That needs to be a music & theology post.” This song by Brad Paisley is one of those songs. Bigger Fish to Fry comes straight off one of the greatest country albums, “Fifth Gear” by Brad Paisley. Seriously, every song on that album is […]

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