Music & Theology: Take Me to Church

The current number three on the Billboard Top 100 is Hozier’s “Take Me to Church.” I heard the chorus before being sung by various people, so decided to check into it further. Note, I chose not to post the music video – I didn’t really want to re-watch a video about a gay couple being […]

Manga & Theology: Faith Beats Demons

In volume 4 of the Black Butler manga we are introduced to Agni and Prince Soma. Soma and Agni are from India, they join our protagonists in London as they are investigating some personal attacks on Anglo-Indians in London. Agni is Soma’s servant and butler. He is a Hindu who worships the Hindu goddess Kali as […]

Music & Theology: Blank Space

NOTE: For a fun, hardcore version of this song give a listen here to the cover of Blank Space by the band I Prevail. In 2014, Taylor Swift released her first official pop album. On this album is the current number one track in America, Blank Space. The lyrics can be reviewed here. First off, let’s […]

Anime & Theology: Giving Your Life

Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls has come to a close and with it, came a bittersweet finale. Beware – spoilers lie ahead… In the last episode of the short-form anime series, we discover what it means for the three girls to graduate from the Sehaga Academy. The catch? In order to do so they must cease to be […]

Anime & Theology: No Spillage

Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls is a ridiculous romp for SEGA nerds through old and current video games. It’s fun, short episodes are 11 minutes of mostly silliness. The three main characters are human version of video game consoles, specifically the Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and Saturn. From there, they’re in school jumping into video games to earn credits in […]

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