Music Monday: Gameface

“Gameface [1st Half Edition]” by KJ-52 featuring KB and Soul Glow Activatur

Music & Theology: Christmas by Blues Traveler – REWIND

Blues Traveler’s “Christmas” was first found on A Very Special Christmas 3 (a great anthology of Christmas music proceeds of which go to the Special Olympics). The lyrics can be reviewed here. The song talks about how the singer is not so happy (If this is feeling merry / how much longer must it last), […]

Manga & Theology: Murder in His Name

In volume 2 of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, we’re introduced to a character named Scar. Scar is a murderer. He’s out killing alchemists in the name of his god claiming what they’re doing is a violation of his god’s law. Is what he’s doing Biblical? My short answer is “Absolutely not.” My long answer…is this […]

Manga & Theology: Love Enemies, Stop Sinning

In the first volume of the Trigun manga, Vash finds himself on a sandsteamer which has been attacked by the Bad Lads Gang. At a certain point, Vash is trying to recapture the ship with a young boy and former Bad Lads Gang supporter Kaite. This boy had previously double crossed Vash when Vash had helped […]

Manga & Theology: From the Dust

I recently began reading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. You know, 12 years after everyone else. It happens. In the first story, we meet our main characters Edward and Alphonse Elric who are alchemists. Alchemy is the science/magic of transmuting one chemical into another. In the first volume, Edward and Alphonse are investigating a cult where […]

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