Music & Theology: Centuries

WARNING: Video contains violent imagery which may be inappropriate for children. Fall Out Boy currently have the number 10 song in America with their track Centuries which was the first main hit off their new album released last month. It’s an interestingĀ battle cry of a song asking to be remembered. Let’s look at the lyrics […]

Anime & Theology: Lustful Men & Innocence Lost

Super Sonico is an anime series based on a few things. First, a character named Sonico who’s a mascot telling her slice of life story about herself. Second, it’s based on giving the audience fan-service to the point where that appears to be the entire reason for the series. Frankly, it’s too much and I […]

Music Monday: Shake it Off

No, not that “Shake it Off” “Shake it Off” by KJ-52

Music & Theology: Heartbeat Song

This is now the second time I’ve done a Kelly Clarkson song on my series on music and faith (see piece on her song Irvine here). The reason? One, I am one of those people who in 2002 actively voted for her on American Idol. Two, she’s still a pop music star. And three, I […]

Two for Tuesday: Hogan Budget, Playing for Who?

For a few weeks now I’ve been writing anime or manga and theology posts on Tuesday. But, I’m pretty much caught up on what I’ve been reading in terms of my commentaries here. So, today – we get a “Two for Tuesday” – two articles on two entirely different topics. First comes from Red Maryland. […]

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