I said early on I didn’t want a safe choice for 2012. Well, now that unsafe choice has gotten to the point where I can no longer stand behind him. It’s not just the claims, it’s the fact that Cain has been unable to run a functional campaign. Cain’s draw was that he was an […]

My Post-Economics Debate Thoughts

Last night Bloomberg and the Washington Post held a debate only on economics. I watched the entire debate and decided to put together my thoughts. First, the debate overall was meh. The questions ranged from the okay to asinine. Many of them were so incredibly biased to sound more like Democratic talking points than serious […]

A 2012 Theory That Could Get All Screwed Up

So, I have a theory on the 2012 GOP Presidential primary that mirrors the 1992 Democratic Presidential primary. Here is my theory: Mitch Daniels plays the role of Mario Cuomo – he’s loved by insiders who really want him to run for President. But, he decides that he’s uninterested in running for President that year […]

Running Mate Thoughts

A lot of people try to balance a Presidential ticket in some way, shape, or form. Be it by doubling down on youth and moderacy as Clinton did in 1992, appealing to the conservative grass roots as Bush did in 1988, or by adding an air of experience as Bush did in 2000 and Obama […]

Old Line Elephant Link Roundup 4/26/11

Happy Tuesday. After the joys of Easter / Holy Week – it’s back to the regular grind. And with that…here’s some interesting links: First – Happy Birthday to the Sundries Shack. They’re celebrating their 7th birthday on the blogosphere. Check out Jimmie’s site and his link roundup. In Maryland, Tea Party activists are getting ready […]

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