Old Line Elephant News Roundup: 1/21/13

Been a few weeks since I’ve rounded up the news. First, let me say congratulations to President Obama on the beginning of his second term. I disagree with him, but plan to be praying the Lord provides him the guidance he needs as he leads us. Second…let’s get into the news items: On the waste […]

Old Line Elephant News Roundup: 6/12/12

Here’s a brief, news roundup of articles I’ve been reading lately. Not the be all end all of news, but stuff I’ve found interesting lately. There has been much to do about Calvinism / anti-Calvinism, etc on the internet lately among SBC bloggers. Doug Hibbard of SBC Voices posted an excellent piece on the bottom […]

Quick Hits – 5/11/12

I’ve read a bunch of random news articles recently – so decided to compile the ones I’m interested and hope that you are too. Here we go: Scott Walker has been successful in Wisconsin. How much so? Looking like a surplus in their upcoming budget. Walker’s getting recalled – so if you’re a Republican or […]

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