Random Thoughts on Potential 2016 MD Senator Contenders

With Barbara Mikulski retiring, we have an open US Senate seat here in Maryland next year. As such, the GOP has an opportunity to take an open seat here in Maryland. The question is – who is the right candidate for the job? There have been various people mentioned before as potential candidates, I’m going […]

Quick Veepstakes Thoughts

I’ve been thinking recently about the Veepstakes. We have 3 candidates who, at present, have a path to the nomination – Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry. Others may arise to have this path as the race is very fluid, but at the moment – they’re the ones I see. So, I decided to come […]

Old Line Elephant Link Roundup 8/9/11

Right up front, I’m going to say this – pray for the situation in the UK. There are riots and violence on the streets. Pray for healing of the nation and healing for any injured in the chaos. Now, on to the links: A partially elected school board appears to be the proposal being discussed […]

How About Bolton for Congress?

Back in September, I proposed a draft movement – Bolton for US Senate in Maryland. As we already have some solid candidates in the running, what about a run for Congress? Bolton currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland – currently represented by Chris Van Hollen. A high profile candidate like Bolton running could help bring attention […]

Old Line Elephant Link Roundup 6/21/11

Welcome to all the news…that I was able to find and compile. Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton is still considering a Presidential bid. His entry into the race would provide a serious voice for those interested in foreign policy who did not work for the Obama¬†administration¬†*cough*Huntsman*cough* Race42012 found a nugget from National Review about […]

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