You Think It, He Says It

Maryland US Senate candidate Dan Bongino says what we’re all thinking – the Obama administration’s statement on Libya are either lies or a vast show of incompotence. Here’s the quote: ‘The Administration’s continuing claims that the Libyan protests, which resulted in the horrific deaths of four Americans along with our Ambassador, were the result of […]

Old Line Elephant Link Roundup 3/29/11

As I promised others last week, I’m going to try to make this a weekly occurrence. Here’s some quick, bulleted items that I think should be on your radar from Maryland to a galaxy far, far away. Mandatory delivery of white pages to people’s homes in Maryland seems to be going the way of the dodo. […]

Bolton on Libya

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton has a new editorial on the situation in Libya, outlining four mistakes that he feels the President must not make for it to be successful. Here’s an excerpt from the article: First, do not wait until it’s almost too late. Had America intervened in the opening days of Libya’s […]

Old Line Elephant Link Roundup 3/22/11

Stealing a gimmick from Jimmie at the Sundries Shack, I’m going to go through a little group of links to clear my browser tab and provide you with some quick comments on the news that you need to know about. Why do I say this? Because I think it’s important or interesting. So, here we […]

Brief Comments on Libya

I’m not going to criticize the President for deciding to take military action regarding Libya. I will not pretend to understand all the factors involved in that decision making process. I supported and still do support the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I will not merely oppose efforts to depose a dictator and […]

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