Midweek Links: 12/10/14 – JDF vs CM Punk, East Balto Co on Hogan Team, Christmas Discussions

Haven’t done a midweek links in a while, so let’s do this. Let’s talk turkey…or politics, anime, you know the drill. Anime Adult Swim’s “Toonami” Block Announces Return of “Deadman Wonderland” and “Cowboy Bebop” in HD – As someone who adores Cowboy Bebop, this is awesome. Also, check your local cable provider – episodes may […]

Ehrlich 2016? Really?

Since the 2014 election cycle is over, it’s that time of year where people are testing the waters about running for President. We’ve heard from former Governors George Pataki (R-NY) and Jeb Bush (R-FL) considering runs and now, apparently, so is former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich (R). All I have to say to that is…really? […]

Midweek Links: 11/12/14 – Miyazaki Honored, Surge is Back, Brown Blew It

Election day has come and passed. Let’s talk about news items which I find interesting. We’ll see how political it gets. Anime/Manga First Impressions: Your Lie in April – First impressions from Japanator on Your Lie in April. Bottom line – they like it. So do I. Your Lie in April Episode 4: Kira Kira […]

Vote Today

It is election day.¬†If you are an American citizen vote today. It is your civic duty and a privilege people all over the world do not have – to select those who will govern us. Use that privilege, accept that duty. Vote. Maryland residents? Pay attention to the ballot initiatives. P.S. Vote Bob Long, Larry […]

Yes’ and No’s

Normally on my blog I chronicle who I’m voting for in the election. This is, frankly, more helpful in the primary than the general as I generally end up voting for all the Republican candidates (Ex. Long, Crandell, Hogan, Campbell¬†– support each of them) unless there’s something really awful about one of them. When that […]

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