Two for Tuesday: Hogan Budget, Playing for Who?

For a few weeks now I’ve been writing anime or manga and theology posts on Tuesday. But, I’m pretty much caught up on what I’ve been reading in terms of my commentaries here. So, today – we get a “Two for Tuesday” – two articles on two entirely different topics. First comes from Red Maryland. […]

Waste of the Week: Weinberg Center HVAC Project

Welcome one and all to the new 2015 legislative session in Annapolis. We have many a new faces in the State Senate and House of Delegates, so I’d like to begin our first Waste of the Week of the session in a bipartisan fashion. I’m picking our first piece of pork legislation which is co-sponsored […]

Festivus 2014

Happy Festivus Everyone. It’s the lovely made up holiday from Seinfeld we celebrate on Christmas Eve’s Eve. After the feats of strength which, I will say, will be easy for anyone trying to defeat me, we should discuss the Airing of the Grievances. Who disappointed you in 2014? Here’s my list: A-1 Pictures – A-1 […]

Midweek Links: 12/10/14 – JDF vs CM Punk, East Balto Co on Hogan Team, Christmas Discussions

Haven’t done a midweek links in a while, so let’s do this. Let’s talk turkey…or politics, anime, you know the drill. Anime Adult Swim’s “Toonami” Block Announces Return of “Deadman Wonderland” and “Cowboy Bebop” in HD – As someone who adores Cowboy Bebop, this is awesome. Also, check your local cable provider – episodes may […]

Ehrlich 2016? Really?

Since the 2014 election cycle is over, it’s that time of year where people are testing the waters about running for President. We’ve heard from former Governors George Pataki (R-NY) and Jeb Bush (R-FL) considering runs and now, apparently, so is former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich (R). All I have to say to that is…really? […]

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