Waste of the Week: Great Blacks in Wax Museum Expansion

Delegates Cory McCray (D), Talmadge Branch (D), Cheryl Glenn (D) and Senator Nathaniel McFadden (D) have proposed this week’s $400,000 in waste we’re profiling over in Baltimore City. The cross-filed HB1217/SB0791 proposes the creation of new state debt to hand out a loan to help a wax museum in Baltimore City. Yes, I said wax museum. […]

Random Thoughts on Potential 2016 MD Senator Contenders

With Barbara Mikulski retiring, we have an open US Senate seat here in Maryland next year. As such, the GOP has an opportunity to take an open seat here in Maryland. The question is – who is the right candidate for the job? There have been various people mentioned before as potential candidates, I’m going […]

Waste of the Week: Phillips Wharf Aquaculture Job Training Center

This week we travel to Talbot County to a quarter million in new debt proposed by recently elected State Senator Adelaide Eckardt (R). She was defeated former State Senator Richard Colburn (R) in the primary as the conservative alternative. But, here is some bond legislation for the Phillips Wharf Aquaculture Job Training Center in SB0858. The […]

Waste of the Week: Landover Hills Town Hall

Today we move to Prince George’s County to proposed $200,000 in new state debt proposed by Delegates Fennell (D), Campos (D), and Tarlau (D) as well as Senator Ramirez (D). These legislators proposed this new debt in bills HB0195 and SB0206 for the Landover Hills Town Hall. Landover Hills is, per their website, about a 500 person municipality in Prince George’s County. These legislators […]

Waste of the Week: Jubilee Association of Maryland Community Center

This week we’ll travel to Montgomery County to discuss $300,000 in new state debt proposed by a collection of Senators and Delegates for Montgomery County. The Delegates include Delegates Waldstreicher (D), Carr (D), Gutierrez (D), and Hixson. Our Senators include Madaleno (D), Feldman (D), Kagan (D), King (D), Lee (D), Manno (D), Montgomery (D), and Raskin (D). They are proposing $300,000 in new debt for the Jubilee Association […]

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