Waste of the Week: Warner Manor

This week we’ll travel to Montgomery County to discuss $400,000 in new state debt proposed by a collection of Senators and Delegates from Montgomery County. The Delegates include Delegates Waldstreicher (D), Carr (D), and Gutierrez (D). Our Senators include Madaleno (D), Feldman (D), King (D), Lee (D), Manno (D), and Raskin (D). They proposed HB0080/SB0239 which asked for nearly half a million dollars for the Maryland-National Capital Park […]

Midweek Links: 03/25/15 – Millennial Adulthood, Professor Oak, Rain Tax Repeal

News has happened this week. I’ve compiled some of the news I found interesting. Let’s see what happened… Faith I’m a Presbyterian Minister Who Doesn’t Believe in God – A Presbyterian Minister claims he doesn’t believe in God. He claims he’s still a Christian. He’s not, for the record. Belief in God is a pretty […]

Waste of the Week: Culler Lake Stormwater Management Project

This week we move over to Frederick County to check out new proposed state debt by Delegates Carol Krimm (D) and Karen Young (D) and Senator Joan Conway (D). They proposed a quarter million in new debt for a stormwater project at Culler Lake. Culler Lake is inside of Baker Park in Frederick County. The Friends of Baker Park are […]

Midweek Links: 03/10/15 – Angry Preacher Dudes, Tiny LEGO Arcade, 2016 MD Senate

I haven’t compiled links in a while of random stuff I found interesting in past week or so, so let’s do that. Anime Is This Anime Season Really That Bad? – People on the internet like to complain. They have complained a lot about this current anime season. Here’s someone to tell them…stop. Kind of. Top […]

Waste of the Week: Great Blacks in Wax Museum Expansion

Delegates Cory McCray (D), Talmadge Branch (D), Cheryl Glenn (D) and Senator Nathaniel McFadden (D) have proposed this week’s $400,000 in waste we’re profiling over in Baltimore City. The cross-filed HB1217/SB0791 proposes the creation of new state debt to hand out a loan to help a wax museum in Baltimore City. Yes, I said wax museum. […]

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