National Engineers Week 2015

This week is National Engineers Week, a week set aside for us to recognize engineers and encourage youth to learn more about the engineering fields. It is important that we have more engineers and, as an engineer myself, I feel we need to be supporting and encouraging people to look into these fields. Want to learn […]

Festivus 2014

Happy Festivus Everyone. It’s the lovely made up holiday from Seinfeld we celebrate on Christmas Eve’s Eve. After the feats of strength which, I will say, will be easy for anyone trying to defeat me, we should discuss the Airing of the Grievances. Who disappointed you in 2014? Here’s my list: A-1 Pictures – A-1 […]

Thanksgiving 2014

Annually for Thanksgiving, I like to talk about the things I’m thankful for. It’s something we should be doing every single day, but we often forget. Annually, I list many of these things out. I am thankful for my job. I started it new late last year, but it has been a blessing providing for my […]

Link Roundup: 8/20/14 – Faith & Anime, Grimes Discounts, Mehla Shriners

I missed an opportunity for a Two for Tuesday yesterday, so I’m doing a quick link roundup of various links from around the web. We’ll categorize them by theme Anime Aldnoah Zero – It’s a relatively new anime series you can watch on Crunchyroll soon after the episodes come out. It’s rather good so far. […]


For those who know me, you know that my wife and I are expecting twins. The babies are coming next week. Expect very little from me in the coming weeks as I adjust to having not two but four kids at home. I should still be on Twitter, but also less so than before. Wish me […]

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