Midweek Links: 11/12/14 – Miyazaki Honored, Surge is Back, Brown Blew It

Election day has come and passed. Let’s talk about news items which I find interesting. We’ll see how political it gets. Anime/Manga First Impressions: Your Lie in April – First impressions from Japanator on Your Lie in April. Bottom line – they like it. So do I. Your Lie in April Episode 4: Kira Kira […]

Manga & Theology: From the Dust

I recently began reading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. You know, 12 years after everyone else. It happens. In the first story, we meet our main characters Edward and Alphonse Elric who are alchemists. Alchemy is the science/magic of transmuting one chemical into another. In the first volume, Edward and Alphonse are investigating a cult where […]

Yes’ and No’s

Normally on my blog I chronicle who I’m voting for in the election. This is, frankly, more helpful in the primary than the general as I generally end up voting for all the Republican candidates (Ex. Long, Crandell, Hogan, Campbell – support each of them) unless there’s something really awful about one of them. When that […]

Manga & Theology: Not Equivalent

I previously talked about the Blue Exorcist anime and the theological implications of its universe. I have since finishing the anime series have been reading the ongoing manga series (I’m on volume 11, if you’re interested). While reading through the Impure King story arc, I was struck by a single panel. Below is the page […]

Midweek Links: 10/29/14 – Vote Yes on 1 & 2, More Your Lie in April, I’m not He-Man

Happy Wednesday before election day. Let’s talk links, let’s talk news, let’s do this. Anime Your Lie in April Episode 3: I Stand Amazed – I’ll probably keep adding these weekly, as they’re very well written and continue to point out the beauty of this wonderful show. You can watch You Lie in April at CrunchyRoll. Anime […]

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