Music & Theology: Born on Christmas Day

In 2006, Brad Paisley released an excellent Christmas album. No really, it’s excellent. One of the pieces which I enjoyed the most was “Born on Christmas Day.” Originally written by Paisley when he was 13, the song actually begins hearing the 13 year old Paisley sing, followed by Paisley as an adult, then him harmonizing […]

My Detailed Opinion on Jeb 2016

Manga & Theology: Giving Our All

In the second volume of the Trigun manga, we are introduced to the traveling preacher, Nicolas D. Wolfwood. Apart from Vash himself, Wolfwood is one of the most interesting characters, in my opinion, in the Trigun universe. But, I’m here to discuss our first meeting with Wolfwood in the manga – not go in depth […]

Music & Theology: Christmas Tree

Warning: The song contains thinly veiled sexual lyrics which are not suitable forĀ children. Christmas Tree by Lady Gaga featuring Space Cowboy is a Christmas song of sorts in a way only Lady Gaga could make one – catchy, repetitive, and sexual. The lyrics are here and instead of summarizing the track any further, let’s go […]

Midweek Links: 12/10/14 – JDF vs CM Punk, East Balto Co on Hogan Team, Christmas Discussions

Haven’t done a midweek links in a while, so let’s do this. Let’s talk turkey…or politics, anime, you know the drill. Anime Adult Swim’s “Toonami” Block Announces Return of “Deadman Wonderland” and “Cowboy Bebop” in HD – As someone who adores Cowboy Bebop, this is awesome. Also, check your local cable provider – episodes may […]

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