Link Roundup: 8/20/14 – Faith & Anime, Grimes Discounts, Mehla Shriners

I missed an opportunity for a Two for Tuesday yesterday, so I’m doing a quick link roundup of various links from around the web. We’ll categorize them by theme Anime Aldnoah Zero – It’s a relatively new anime series you can watch on Crunchyroll soon after the episodes come out. It’s rather good so far. […]

My Local Races as I See Them

I’m going to give a summary of my thoughts on my local political races, specifically the races for Baltimore County Council (District 7), State Senate (District 6), and House of Delegates¬†(District 6). I’ll tell you who I think will win based on the trajectory of the races at present and why I think that. Not […]

REWIND: In Defense of an Engendered God

There has been some arguments recently about the gender of the Lord. The Bible traditionally has used the masculine pronoun to define God and I agree with this assertion. Why? I’ll tell you. As trinitarian Christians, we believe in the triune God – God in 3 persons the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The last […]

Music & Theology: Not a Bad Thing

Justin Timberlake’s most current big hit is “Not a Bad Thing.” The former *NSYNC member has made quite a name for himself in pop music. The lyrics for his new hit, which is currently #3 on the Billboard Top 100 Pop hits, can be reviewed here. Let’s begin our review. Timberlake begins by singing, “Said […]

Crandell on Dundalk Incentive Grants, Staab Endorsement

Baltimore¬†County is giving $5,000 to certain residents who move into Dundalk. More can be read here CBS Baltimore. I asked Republican County Council candidate Todd Crandell his opinion on the topic. Here are his thoughts: Home ownership is an important part of stabilizing neighborhoods, and, if the program works, 30 more home owners in Dundalk […]

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