Anime & Theology: God or No God

In the first episode of Angel Beats – we are welcomed into the afterlife. The viewer, much like the protagonist Otonashi, is confused about this new world we’re entering of…some kind of¬†afterlife. In the world of Angel Beats, the afterlife is like a High School and reincarnation is real. This temporary high school setting is […]

Midweek Links: 04/07/15

Looking for the news? Well, I’ve got some – in my semi-regular assortment of links. Anime Angel Beats! and Easter – A piece by¬†Zeroe4 on the anime Angel Beats! and…Easter. Man, I just repeated the title. But, it’s worth a read. Winter Anime 2015 Review 1 – Part 1 of a review of the anime […]

Anime & Theology: An Understanding Love

Nameko Families is a short-form anime series about a family of nameko mushrooms. It’s based loosely on a mushroom collecting and harvesting game for smartphones and tablet devices. Loosely being the key word. Each five minute episode is a self-contained story involving the family with – only music, no dialogue. In episode 2, we see […]

Manga & Theology: Laying Down Ones Life

In Fullmetal Alchemist, we see the tragic death of Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes. After seeing him and his family, really getting to know the character – his death is a powerful part of the plot. When our main characters, the Elric brothers discover he’s dead they also discover another truth – he died because he […]

Olszewski’s a Lobbyist Already. Seems Legit.

Since losing the 2014 race for State Senate, what has John Olszewski, Jr been up to? The Daily Record has a bit on that – as he’s working for the Baltimore City Department of Transportation as an analyst and city lobbyist. Here’s an excerpt: A former two-term delegate from Baltimore County is in line for […]

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