News Roundup: 7/2/13

Haven’t done a news roundup in a while, so let’s talk turkey…er, news. In Texas, attempts to make abortion clinics safer were blocked by a State Senator named Wendy Davis (D-TX). The pro-abortion State Senator may have energized Democrats in Texas, but thankfully not enough to take back the Governor’s mansion – everyone loses to […]

On DOMA / Proposition 8 – It’s Muddled

Anyone on Facebook or Twitter right now would already know that the internet is abuzz about the gay marriage decisions laid down by the Supreme Court. But, before you jump for joy or wallow in sorrow, here’s a few points to note on the entire matter: 1. Prop 8 was overturned on technicality – CA […]

I Am a Social Conservative

I am a social conservative. I believe marriage is the union between one man and one woman, ordained by the Lord long ago. I believe the unborn child is a life deserving the same protections under the law as us all. I believe aborting such a child is murder. I believe a sex-driven culture is […]

Old Line Elephant News Roundup: 3/12/13

Been a month since I did a roundup of news / links I found interesting. So, here we go again: If you haven’t seen it yet – I’m one of the contributors at Watchdog Wire – Maryland, my “Waste of the Week” pieces are being cross-posted there. Check them out and the other great contributors […]

Gay Marriage Fail in Maryland

It was recently noted that in Maryland, due to the way Maryland tax law is written, next year gay couples can not file their taxes jointly unless federal or Maryland law is changed. Why? Here’s a little from the Washington Times: The state comptroller’s office says it plans to continue requiring same-sex couples to file […]

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