News Roundup: 7/29/13

What’s a good way to start the week? Checking out all the news articles I find interesting. Let’s begin. First, I wrote the second part in my serial fictional story about Modern Templars last week. I’m hoping to get the next part out this week, so stay tuned. A Korean News Agency made fun of […]

News Roundup: 7/2/13

Haven’t done a news roundup in a while, so let’s talk turkey…er, news. In Texas, attempts to make abortion clinics safer were blocked by a State Senator named Wendy Davis (D-TX). The pro-abortion State Senator may have energized Democrats in Texas, but thankfully not enough to take back the Governor’s mansion – everyone loses to […]

Wright Dropping Boy Scouts

Pastor Bryan Wright, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, is cutting ties with the Boy Scouts at his church. Here’s his video with his explanation:

Sermon: Jesus, Come Back Later…

Three passages for today’s sermon: one from Acts 24, one from John 8, the final from Psalm 110. There’s a reason for the title.

Poll of Christians: On Doctrine, Also Polling Details

Lifeway research has pumped out some fascinating polling on spiritual beliefs and spiritual maturity among Protestant churchgoers. Ed Stetzer has a great infographic on the topic below: Check out the full poll details here. I still want to know who these Christians are who believe other religions are equal truths to Christianity. Frankly, I wouldn’t […]

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